WOAH! Sexual Abuse Victims Urge WI Lib to Stop Her Abusive Ads (Video)

Wow—- This was powerful!

Last week far left pro-union groups in Wisconsin released a dishonest ad accusing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser of priest sexual abuse twenty years ago. Prosser, who is running against a far left environmentalist, refused to prosecute a priest who had been accused of sexually assaulting children. The story in the ad was completely inaccurate and even the victims spoke out against the ad.

It didn’t matter. Far left groups announced they would continue to run the ad. They have a race to win. Democrats need Kloppenburg to win the election next week so that they can overturn Governor Scott Walker’s public unions law.

It was a mistake… A huge mistake.
Badger Blogger reported:

Last week, the Greater Wisconsin Committee put out a sleazy ad using a 30+ year old case to attack Justice David Prosser. An ad so false and scummy, that a victim of the abuse issued a statement asking Kloppenburg to stop or at least distance herself from the false ads, and Kloppenburg refused.

Today, Troy Merryfield issued the following ad.

That hurts.
Kloppenburg ought to be ashamed of herself.


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