WI Supreme Court Election Spells D-O-O-M For Democrats

Yesterday’s supreme court election in Wisconsin spelled doom for democrats.
In a race where democratic groups and unions dumped millions of dollars into television ads and get out the vote efforts the far left came up short (so far) in capturing a state-wide race for Supreme Court justice.

Democrats, the liberal media and union goons gave their all – they even released disgusting fraudulent ads accusing their opponent of sex crimes – and still they found themselves in a tie.

Compare yesterday’s results to the election results from 2008:

In 2008 Barack Obama and his team of community organizers won the state by 400,000 votes or 14% .

But that was 2 and a half years ago before democrats were exposed as big spending socialists who are confused and weak on national defense.

Democrats got womped in 2010. And despite giving it their all, they (so far) lost the crucial race last night.
This must have democrats worried.

UPDATE: With the final votes counted today Prossner trailed liberal environmentalist Kloppenburg by 204 votes.


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