Sebelius: GOP Attempts to Defund Abortion Will Increase Abortions

What? Only a liberal can follow such logic. It’s sort of like spending your way to wealth or passing a bill to see what’s in it.


HHS Secretary Sebelius told reporters today that GOP attempts to defund Planned Parenthood abortion clinics will actually cause more abortions. She forgot to throw in the bit about back-alley abortions.
The Politico reported:

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had some strong words for House Republicans as Democrats said the continuing budget negotiations were held up over Title X and Planned Parenthood funding.

“I think it’s really unfortunate Congress can’t come to a resolution on this year’s budget … cutting [Title X] funding would increase the number of unintended pregnancies and increase the number of abortions, so the people who say they’re having this battle about abortion are actually not looking at what the statistics have indicated,” Sebelius told POLITICO Friday. “Federal funds have never supported abortion, do not support abortion, will not support abortion.”

She credited Democratic leaders for their work on the negotiations and said she hoped they would “resolve this issue today.”

“There is an agreement generally on the budget number. I think the Democrats have come a long to say, ‘We’re willing to restrict resources in a smart way but we’re not going to slash programs that slash education and innovation and important health services.’ To have these ideological battles make no sense at all in this budget context,” she said.

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