Report: 500 Votes Found in Waukesha County Wisconsin …Update: It’s 500-600 Votes

This comes from a trusted source in Wisconsin:
Local precinct officials have reportedly found 500 votes in Waukesha County Wisconsin. Officials believe they have found 500 ballots in a county that voted 73% for Prosser.

Far left contender Joanne Kloppenburg currently leads the race by 204 votes over Justice David Prosser.

Several precincts near Milwaukee reported “undervotes” in yesterday’s election where hundreds of people cast ballots but did not vote in the high-profile race.

Related… Pundit Press reported today that the City of Mequon was destroying ballots.

A Wisconsin reader sent this in:

Vicki McKenna (radio host) in Madison/Milwaukee is gathering information on widespread voter fraud/tampering in Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Vicki took several calls today on her program from voters who described many voting discrepancies, disenfranchisement, ballot shredding, UW students voting more than once, etc. We cannot trust that the mainstream media will pick up on this, so I’d be grateful for your help.

UPDATE: This comes from Josiah Cantrall in Wisconsin:

” A discrepancy was discovered in vote totals from a community in Waukesha county. More votes were cast for the school board race than the state supreme court one. Now local precinct workers are claiming they’ve found 500-600 ballots which would explain this discrepancy. This community voted 70% for Justice Prosser. Officials are confirming if these “lost” ballots are valid. These ballots could give Prosser a majority.

However, this all may be a technical error. The village and town both voted for the school board candidate and thus, votes may have simply been double counted.

Investigation is under way.”

I’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: (Thursday AM) From conversations this morning – The investigation is ongoing. Today there are boots on the ground in the community. Will update later as more information becomes available.

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