Obama Tells Kids GOP Will Reduce Deficit “On Your Backs”

He’s a uniter.
Barack Obama is the biggest spender in the history of earth. He tripled the deficit in one year, he increased the debt by nearly $4 trillion in two years and Obama and democrats increased the budget by $1 trillion in the three years.

So it makes perfect sense then that he would go out today and speak to kids about “living within our means.” Today Barack told a group of kids that the GOP wants to reduce the deficit on your backs while he continues to increase the deficit on their backs.
The Hill reported:

President Obama on Tuesday told Virginia community college students that unless young people mobilize, special interests in Washington will balance the federal budget by slashing student aid and other education spending.

“I can’t afford to have all of you as bystanders,” Obama told a town-hall meeting at Northern Virginia Community College. “There are powerful interests in Washington … they are going to want to reduce the deficit on your backs.”

He told students that Republicans want to cut Pell Grant scholarships with their budget, but that his own budget plan would increase education spending while reducing deficits by $4 trillion over 12 years.

The president got applause when he called for $400 billion in new cuts to the Pentagon and for taxing the wealthy.

“We are going to have to ask everyone to sacrifice, and if we are going to ask community colleges to sacrifice…then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice,” he said.

Young voters backed Obama in droves in 2008 and will be important to his reelection effort in 2012. Polls suggest Obama’s support is stronger with voters younger than 40 than it is with voters older than 40.

Obama also said he wants things to be fair – meaing taking more from the producers.

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