Obama Rails Over $4 Billion in US Oil Subsidies… But Spent $1.6 Billion on Chinese Wind Turbines & $2 Billion on Brazilian Oil

(My Wind)
Obama railed against the oil companies again today. Obama said the US government gave $4 billion in subsidies to US oil companies.
The Hill reported:

President Obama lashed out at oil companies — and the tax breaks they get from the government — for a second consecutive day on Thursday and again in Saturday’s address.

“Four billion dollars of your money are going to these companies at a time when they’re making record profits and you’re paying near record prices at the pump,” the president said at a Nevada town hall. “It has to stop.”

While Obama railed against US companies he forgot to mention the billions his administration has approved for foreign energy companies.

The administration paid over one billion dollars in stimulus funds to a Chinese wind turbine manufacturers.

And just last month Barack Obama approved US investment of more than $2 billion on Brazil’s state-owned oil company

And, don’t forget democrats gave $3 billion to ACORN crooks in their failed stimulus plan.

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