Obama 2005 Flashback: Bush Foreign Policy Is Dumb & Only Rewards Halliburton and Homophobia

As we watch the far left this week squirm to defend President Obama’s embrace of Gitmo, renditions, military tribunals, and endless war we are reminded of the rhetoric from the not too distant past.

It wasn’t that long ago that Senator Barack Obama was posting on the Daily Kos and bashing Bush and conservatives for their dumb foreign policy that only rewarded Halliburton and the homophobes.

Pundit Press dug up this little jewel from the Daily Kos archives.

Here’s part of Obama’s ridiculous leftist rant:

I am not drawing a facile equivalence here between progressive advocacy groups and right-wing advocacy groups. The consequences of their ideas are vastly different. Fighting on behalf of the poor and the vulnerable is not the same as fighting for homophobia and Halliburton

…The bottom line is that our job is harder than the conservatives’ job. After all, it’s easy to articulate a belligerent foreign policy based solely on unilateral military action, a policy that sounds tough and acts dumb; it’s harder to craft a foreign policy that’s tough and smart. It’s easy to dismantle government safety nets; it’s harder to transform those safety nets so that they work for people and can be paid for. It’s easy to embrace a theological absolutism; it’s harder to find the right balance between the legitimate role of faith in our lives and the demands of our civic religion. But that’s our job.

This week the Obama Administration announced that they would resume the military tribunals at Gitmo.

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