Milwaukee Election Commissioner Calls Cops to Keep Dems Out of Ballot Boxes

They’re still counting votes in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin supreme court justice race that was held last week. The rest of the state has turned in their totals – Not Milwaukee. And, as you well know, as long as they are still counting ballots, democrats are still trying to steal the race.

Justice Prosser currently leads the race by over 7,000 votes. (Fairly Conservative)

Mike in Chicago sent in the latest news on the race:

First, it was VERY nice meeting you and chatting with you at the SAMMIES in Chicago last Friday. I very much enjoyed our conversation.

I was just listening to Charlie Sykes, and he broke this story about Milwaukee Election Commissioner Robert Spindell the only GOP member.

Due to the intensity of the Supreme Court election, he called the Milwaukee police to come and guard the Milwaukee County ballots (a Democrat stronghold) to prevent any funny business.

When the rest of the commissioners found out about this, they told the police to stand down.

Luckily, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark (Republican) understanding the importance of ballot integrity sent his men in to protect the ballots.

Please realize while the vote canvas is complete in every other county in Wisconsin, the canvassing for Milwaukee County is still not completed over a week after the election. This is not uncommon for Wisconsin’s most populous county but it is a bit disconserting to Republicans who don’t have a lot of faith in the left’s win at all costs attitude and worry
about voter funny business.

But today, the Milwaukee election commissioners are going to try to essentially impose a gag order on Robert Spindell for doing what he did and speaking to the media.

Of course, Spindell is not going to be shut up.


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