Lovely: Foul-Mouthed Leftist Protesters “I Wipe My A$$ With the American Flag” (Video)

Don’t expect to see this in the state-run media…
Foul-mouthed, vulgar socialist idiots harassed tea party patriots in Portland, Oregon at the Tax Day Protest in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
This is the angry American left in full display.

Via Breitbart TV:
(BIG warning of violent and offensive language)

From the video:
Socialists were out in full force to counter the peaceful patriotic Tax Day Protest in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Here are just a few sample quotations found in these clips. “look … I wipe my a$$ with the flag every night when I … when I take a sh*t man. You got it? Are you gonna to handle about it? Huh? You got any balls? … Huh? Bring your Mom I’d like to f*ck her. Bring your Republican Mama I’d like to f*ck her in the a$$.” “Shove the flag up your a$$ … a$$hole.” “Hey take a picture of this. Hey you f*cking homo right here.” “I’m gonna make a stencil out of this Mother F*cker.” “God D*mn the USA!”

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