Karzai Condemns FL Koran Burning But Ignores Bill Maher’s “Hate-filled Holy Book” Comments

Afghan and the international news media initially played down the Koran burning by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida. On Thursday, however, President Karzai made a speech condemning the Koran burning and calling for the arrest of Pastor Jones.

Why then di the Afghan President ignore the recent comments by leftist Bill Maher?

Bill Maher told radical far left Congressman Keith Ellison on March 11 that the Koran is a “hate-filled holy book.”

Bill Maher to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN):

“I would say the threat from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat. It is the greatest threat. Let me give you the reasons why I jotted down why.

One. It’s been going on a thousand years, this problem Islam and the West. We’re dealing with a culture that is in its medieval era.

It comes from a hate-filled holy book, the Koran, which is taken very literally by its people.

They are trying to get nuclear weapons. I don’t think Timothy McVeigh would ever try to get a nuclear weapon because I think right-wing nuts, they think they love this country and they are not trying to destroy this country. They want to get it away from the people that they see as hijacking it. That’s different than Muslim extremists who want to destroy it.”

Just wondering.
Hat Tip Scout 146

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