Far Left Darling HELEN THOMAS Lands New Gig Pushing Her Anti-Israel Filth on College Campuses

“They need to go back to Germany”

Apparently, Helen Thomas has a new gig promoting anti-Israel propaganda on college campuses.

Greetings Mr. Hoft,

I am a Loyola University (Chicago) student and came across a distressing student posting today, appropriately, outside the washroom, advertising a Helen Thomas appearance on campus as part of a “Palestinian Awareness Week.” I’m glad Helen has found a new gig. One wonders what this woman possibly knows about Palestine. I took a picture with my phone and am attaching it. Please feel free to use it in anyway, or distribute it as you see fit. Or just laugh at it in bewilderment.

Interestingly, the group thanks the Office of Student Diversity; one wonders what this office thinks about religious diversity in Israel, verses the diversity and tolerance in say, the West Bank. Unfortunately I cannot attend this bemusing event, but I’m sure it will be a blast! I apologize in advance for any digestive disturbance after seeing the picture.

Kind regards,

Hopefully, a few of you can make this event tomorrow night and send a report back afterward.


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