Funny. NPR CEO Rips Sting Artists & Admits Liberal Establishment Is Terrified of Being Exposed (Video)

Just think… All it took was a camera and a little planning to bring down these liberal titans.

Maybe there is still hope for America. Today former NPR CEO Vivian Schiller admitted that the liberal establishment is terrified of being exposed for their blatant corruption and far left bias… And?
Are we supposed to feel sad about that? Don’t think so.

Thank God for the James O’Keefe gang.
FOX Nation reported:

Fired and failed lib NPR CEO Vivian Schiller spoke Tuesday at the Paley Center for Media in New York and lashed out at the videographers who exposed the bigotry in her organization, calling the undercover sting an “abomination.” She admitted the rest of the establishment is “terrified” of being the next NPR, Planned Parenthood or ACORN…and speculated that the goal of these stings is to instill fear. “It’s terrifying,” Schiller said, that’s their “objective.”

Oh, waah.
Vivian Schiller, you were exposed and defrocked. You made a nice living as a biased far left journalist. You have no reason to whine.
Now please go away.


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