French Police Arrest Veiled Women at Muslim Burqa Protest (Video)

French police arrested Muslim veiled women today at a protest in Paris.

The niqab-wearing woman lifted her veil briefly and only for a female officer.
ABC News
reported, via Free Republic:

Two women have been arrested by French police on the first day of new laws banning the wearing of full-face veils.

The niqab-wearing women were taking part in a demonstration in protest at the new laws outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

“We were held for three-and-a-half hours at the police station while the prosecutors decided what to do. Three-and-a-half hours later they told us: ‘It’s fine, you can go’,” said 32-year-old Kenza Drider.

Ms Drider, who made regular international media appearances in her brown and cream niqab in the run-up to the ban, said she had lifted her veil only briefly and only in front of female officers for an identity check.

Police say the women were arrested for taking part in an unauthorised demonstration and not because their faces were covered.

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