Far Left Donors Pay $76,000 to Heckle Obama (Updated)

Far left protesters heckled Obama at his fundraiser last night. The loons stood and sung a song about traitor and leftist hero Bradley Manning before two were escorted out.

SFGate reported:

Half a dozen protesters said they paid $76,000 for tickets to a high-priced San Francisco fundraiser starring President Barack Obama Thursday to air their concerns regarding the treatment of Private Bradley Manning — the 23-year-old intelligence expert accused of being the Wikileaks’ source.

The protest occured during a breakfast fundraiser at the swank St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco Thursday.

Oakland activist Naomi Pitcairn said she was a lead organizer of the event for the group which calls itself freshjuiceparty.com; she personally paid $76,000 total for tickets for the group to gain entry to the Obama event, she told us.

Drudge has more on the outburst.

UPDATE: Zombie has a guest list for the fundraiser.



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