Egypt’s Islamic Jihad Protests at US Embassy For Release of Blind Terror Sheik

This is what theocracy looks like.

Egyptian Abbud al-Zomor a member of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad who was jailed over the 1981 assassination of president Anwar Sadat, center of army soldiers guard during a demonstration calling for the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, imprisoned in the United States,in front of the U.S embassy in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, April 21, 2011. Hundreds of Islamists have staged a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to demand the release of an Egyptian cleric imprisoned in the United States for plots to blow up New York City landmarks. (AP/Khalil Hamra)

In Egypt, hundreds of Islamists today protested for the release of the “Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman in the US.
YNet News reported:

Hundreds of Islamists demonstrated Thursday near the US embassy in Cairo to demand the release of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was sentenced a life sentence in the US for planning terrorist attacks in New York.

The protesters called on US President Barack Obama to release the prisoner. Nicknamed the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, 73, was convicted in 1995 by the US for plots to attack targets in New York and to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He was among the group that planned the first attacks against the World Trade Center, which resulted in 6 deaths and injured over 1,000 in 1993. (AFP)

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