Far Left ‘Hope Sarah Palin Dies’ Page Is Still Up and Running on Facebook

Just so you know…
The “I hate when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive” page is still up and running on Facebook.

The page is the creation of some far left kid in Denver.
Counter Contempt reported:

Earlier this year, during that brief period following the Tucson shooting in which every single person in Washington D.C. lied through their teeth about ushering in a “new era of civility” in American politics, I wrote about a Facebook page dedicated to killing Sarah Palin. That page, created and administered by a 17-year-old male in Denver who describes himself as a “Satan worshipper and a sodomite” (he runs the page anonymously; CounterContempt is aware of his identity, but we have not released his name because of his age), is a gathering place for people to call for the assassination of Ms. Palin (here is the page in question. Warning: very foul language, and some graphic imagery).

A clear violation of Facebook’s policy, by any definition.

Yet despite hundreds of people flagging the page as inappropriate, and despite pages set up specifically to protest the “kill Palin” page, Facebook has refused to remove it.

And, unfortunately the death threats on the Palin page are getting more violent as the months go by.

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