Busted… Soros-Funded Think Progress Caught Pushing Bogus Backlash Story

Here’s today’s Think Progress headline:

The Soros-funded website even added a famous Norman Rockwell image to their post to make it look like there was an American grassroots revolution brewing.

Not So.

Notice in today’s title they claim Republicans are facing “more backlash” at town hall events. By “more backlash” they are talking about an event earlier in the week when Rep. Paul Baretta (R-PA) was harassed during a town hall meeting. What they don’t tell you is that the heckler was the Carbon County Democrats for Change leader.


At another town hall event in Milton, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan was booed by a small room of leftists who wanted to “tax the rich.” One of the upset constituents said he was a lifelong conservative who wants to tax the rich, expand government and redistribute wealth. Yeah, right.

Today, Think Progress insists its a national trend. One town hall event they reported on was Rep. Robert Dold‘s event in Illinois. Think Progress insisted there was a horrible backlash against the Illinois Republican for voting on the Ryan plan to cut the national debt. That isn’t what Highland Park Patch reported. The Patch reported that it was a very respectful meeting that ended well.

After the meeting, Hartenstein said he was pleased with the dialogue. He said he understands the need for Democrats and Republicans to work together, and explained that is why he pushed Dold to give specific positions and hear the views of the people in the room.

“In the end, I wanted to prompt him to start to be open to other proposals,” Hartenstein said. “She’s (Loos) a perfect example. People are out of work and need jobs,” he added, echoing Dold’s call for economic stimulus and job creation.

So, once again Think Progress was caught fabricating the news.

Sorry, Think Progress, the only grassroots groundswell right now is against more government spending and debt. But, don’t let the facts get in the way of your dishonest reporting.

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