BREAKING: Obama to Give Birth Certificate Announcement This AM …Update: Releases Birth Certificate (Photo) …Update: It Says “Certificate of Live Birth” …Update: Trump Plans Announcement

President to Make Birth Certificate Announcement in 45 minutes.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that only 38% of Americans believe Obama was definitely born in the USA.

Oh, this is soooo good.
Let’s hope he invited Donald Trump to the press conference.


UPDATE: White House finally releases birth certificate?

Here it is:

Gee, that only took him 6 years!

UPDATE: It says “Certificate of Live Birth.”

UPDATE: Apparently Barack Obama wrote to the state of Hawaii on April 22nd and requested a waiver from them to release the long form birth certificate. Only in rare circumstances is this done (we are told). Hawaii decided this was a rare ocurrence and granted his request.

He will present his long form birth certificate this morning. The press says they have seen the original with the state seal emboss. Copies of birth certificate will be made available without emboss.

Donald Trump lands in New Hampshire in 5 minutes. A press conference is scheduled upon landing.

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