Bomber Murders 25 Muslims at Prayer Today in Malaysia’s First Mosque Suicide Attack

A Muslim bomber killed 25 Muslims at mosque today in Malaysia.

This picture taken with a cellphone shows an injured policeman receiving medical treatment after being injured by a suicide bomber, at a hospital in Cirebon, West Java on April 15. A suicide bomber killed himself and wounded at least 17 people when he detonated explosives at a mosque in an Indonesian police compound, the first such attack on a mosque in the country, police said. (AFP)

A suicide bomber murdered 25 Muslims today at a mosque in West Java. It was Malaysia’s first suicide bomber attack at a mosque.
SMH reported:

A bomber detonated an explosive device just as police officers were about to start Friday prayers yesterday at their mosque in a compound in West Java, killing himself and injuring up to 25 others, some gravely.

Witnesses told Indonesian media outlets that the bomb was let off just after the iqamah, the call that signals that prayers are about to begin. The perpetrator was male, clad in black and stood facing the congregation, his prayer mat still rolled up in his hand, before he triggered the explosive device, said accounts provided to the website of the magazine Gatra.

He shouted praise to God before the attack, the report said.
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The suspected terrorist attack in Cirebon is the first in Indonesia since 2009 and highlights an emerging tactic of targeting figures linked to the state rather than civilians.

More than 80 per cent of the worshippers at the mosque were police officers, and the suicide bomber was standing close to Cirebon’s police chief, Herukoco, who was seriously injured.

Do you suppose a few Korans were likely torched too?

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