Behar Says Poor Whites & Blacks Are “Oppressed by the Right Wing”

Her first mistake was discussing history.
Her second mistake was discussing history.
Ignorant far left darling Joy Behar claimed that whites and blacks are “oppressed by the right wing” on Tuesday’s show.

For the record, Joy, Lincoln was a Republican…
And, the KKK was the radical wing of the democrat party.

The Ku Klux Klan assassinated many Republicans including Republican Representative James M. Hinds (December 5, 1833—October 22, 1868) of Little Rock. Hinds represented Arkansas in the United States Congress from June 24, 1868 through October 22, 1868.

But, once again, facts don’t matter to today’s “progressive” movement.

NewsBusters reported:

On Tuesday’s Joy Behar Show on HLN, host Behar claimed that “poor white people, poor black people are the ones who are oppressed by the right wing in this country,” during a discussion of a poll finding that 42 percent of Americans believe the American Civil War was fought over states rights instead of slavery.

Panel member and comedian Baratunde Thurston had just cited the Mississippi state secession charter as evidence that slavery really was the primary cause of the war, and then suggested that the Republican Party oppresses the poor in modern times. Thurston:

These were rich Southern men who not only oppressed black people, they oppressed poor white people who made up most of the population. And so the idea that we’re empowering the people represented today want to go back to this time where they were more oppressed is a perfect representation of the Republican Party agenda today.

Behar responded:

It’s ironic, though, because poor white people, poor black people are the ones who are oppressed by the right wing in this country, but they don’t seem to get that. They vote against their own interests all the time.

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