WISCONSIN UNIONS Continue to Threaten Local Businesses

It’s not just in Twin Rivers – Unions are threatening businesses across Wisconsin.
Union leaders are telling members to “put pressure on businesses” to post this graphic in their window.

This isn’t the only graphic. There are more.

The Wausau Tea Party reported this week that unions are threatening local businesses across Wisconsin.

These graphics were sent to the Wausau Tea Party from a Wisconsin County Employee. The employee received them via government emails in messages from an AFSCME Union Rep. The instructions were to put pressure on local businesses to make them aware that the unions are watching. “All public employees are being urged to look for this sign in business windows.”

From the Union Rep: “I encourage you to utilize your own business contacts and urge them to hang this prominently in their window. The explanation that I’ve found works best if they are apprehensive is that this is about local dollars, not politics. If our buying power is destroyed—their business will be affected adversely. Please let your area lead know which businesses you get to participate so that they might compile a list to distribute to the members.”

The County Employee also received an email with the Union “Business Card” and was instructed to “make copies of the business cards” and “distribute to each business where you spend money.”

This email was sent out by union leadership in Wisconsin.

This is an orchestrated attack by Wisconsin unions.
Here’s a followup email – the union is sending a busload of supporters to a public meeting:


PS: We receive numerous emails every day about this crap. We had a untion meeting today and it was really scary how “far out there” they are getting. A bus load is going to the Waupaca library tomorrow night to try to influence Senator Olson.

Let’s hope the tea party is there to meet them.

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