Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman Speaks Out After Capitol Mobbing (Video)

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman was mobbed yesterday by dozens of angry leftists at the state capitol building. Thank goodness there was one decent democrat there to save him from this angry leftist union mob. He’s lucky they didn’t decide to get a little bloody.

I spoke with Senator Grothman last night after the attack. He’s lucky they were just screaming, blowing horns and dropping F-bombs.
Thanks to Founding Bloggers for putting this video together:

Here’s the transcript- thanks to Lady Liberty:

Jim: Glenn, can you tell me what happened exactly from your perspective?

Grothman: I left the Capitol and I had to return to the Capitol for a committee hearing and a speech across the street and try to get into the Capitol. The first entrance, the Media Entrance they had pretty much blocked off. The only entrance I could have gotten in was blocked off by about a thousand protesters. The more I walked around trying to get in the more of a crowd I attracted. Finally I got stuck at the West Avenue exit. Partly due to the anger of the crowd and partly due to the density of the crowd eventually, and with the help of one democratic legislator and a fireman who showed up, we kind of extracted ourselves from the West Avenue exit and found an exit where the police let us in.

They were mostly nice people. I believe most are nice people, college students. There are always some angry types in any crowd but there were some college student types I think, angry, chanting their slogans, giving me the finger and that sort of thing.

Jim: Right. So did you feel threatened then, Glenn?

Grothman: No, I really believe that most of these people are nice people who are just carried away by the minute. I don’t think they are mean people who will harm somebody. I really don’t think so. I think most of them are youthful Wisconsin types, graduate students or hangers-on. I don’t know if you’re from Madison but Madison is like a lot of university cities. It tends to attract these permanent hangers-on types that would show up for a protest like this.

Jim: There was a meeting today between the GOP senators and a few of the democratic senators. Do you feel that the democrats are about to crack?

Grothman: I mean, you know, let’s be honest, the public does not want their legislators in Illinois. They don’t. I don’t know whether I would say if I went to Illinois. There really isn’t much you can say. It’s really rather ridiculous.

Jim: Right. Right. Do you feel that the republicans are holding strong right now?

Grothman: The republicans are holding very strong. They aren’t going to run this thing. The public is on our side.

Jim: And you still believe this?

Grothman: Absolutely!

Jim: Even though some controversial polls came out today?

Grothman: Well, if the polls involve collective bargaining most people don’t know what collective bargaining means. If you ask people what collective bargaining is the public would say, ‘I don’t know’. So how can you poll on collective bargaining if people don’t know what collective bargaining means?

Jim: You’re okay tonight? You don’t hold any hard feelings against the protesters that were harassing you?

Grothman: No. I intend to talk to my protesters again tomorrow.

UPDATE: Sorry the video was not working earlier. It is fixed now.

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