Wisconsin Protest Signs May Land in the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian may collect the Wisconsin union protest signs for their historical content.
The Chicago Tribune

The signs, banners and papers taped to the walls of the Wisconsin Capitol these last three weeks to protest a union bill have been removed — but most may be preserved and some may end up at the Smithsonian.

Many of the signs were photographed before they were taken down Sunday and preserved by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The state Department of Administration says the signs will be evaluated for historical content by both the Smithsonian and the historical society.

The Smithsonian may be appalled when they start evaluating the pro-union signs.
Especially if these signs make the cut.

Walker sucks Koch. —

teabagger = Rich Man’s Whore


More… Tea Party is a Koch Party.

More teabagger hate signs.


Hitler + Hosni = Dictator Hosni Mubarak

Hitler, Stalin, Walker.

One more…

Another Nazi sign.

Of course, the media didn’t show signs like this in their reports.

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