The Michael Moore Fleebaggers Say No Date Is Set For Their Return (Updated)

Apparently, the $100 a day fine was not enought to persuade the Michael Moore democrats to return back to Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Michael Moore democrats are losing their support the longer they stay at at their Illinois resort. 8 AWOL fleebaggers are facing a recall campaign in the state. Despite this, the fleebaggers told reporters there is no date set for their return.
FOX News reported:

With recall efforts pending against nearly half of the members of the Wisconsin state Senate and Badger State residents weary of the 18-day shutdown in the legislature caused by the Democratic minority’s exodus to Illinois, the end seems to be in sight.

The overheated rhetoric of the early part of the Democratic walkout has (mostly) given way to statements of acceptance and accommodation. Despite filmmaker Michael Moore trying to rally government workers to keep fighting “the rich,” the steam seems to have gone out of the boiler.

For example, Republican Gov. Scott Walker sent layoff notices Friday, as promised, but added the caveat that if Democrats returned to work, the layoffs could still be reversed within the next two weeks.

And while some of the members of the Democratic caucus most deeply committed to government workers are promising to stay on the barricades forever, more moderate members sound increasingly satisfied that they have already scored a major victory with their boycott and that they are unlikely to profit more by staying in hiding for much longer.

Both Walker and the Senate Democrats have suffered substantially from the standoff.

Walker has seen a sharp rise in voter opposition to his plan to curb the bargaining power of public employee unions. Under a constant barrage of union advertisements and media pressure, the Walker plan is now widely seen as extreme. In Ohio, very similar legislation is chugging through the legislature. Without the walkout, the same would have likely been true in Wisconsin.

The polls showing the unpopularity of Walker’s bargaining power have strangely encouraged Democrats to end their boycott rather than extend it. Since they believe the plan has done extensive damage to the recently revitalized Republican brand in the state, Democratic politicians are optimistic that they can sweep the 2012 elections – but not if they continue to annoy voters with a work stoppage.

The Senate Democrats, meanwhile, look increasingly like hostages of the government unions instead of representatives of the voters. With voters clamoring for an end to the impasse, staying in hiding makes the senators look like they are in the thrall of Moore and the labor activists.

The national focus on the fight has made it harder for both sides, but having polarizing figures like Moore showing up is particularly harmful to Democrats. State Senators generally don’t get reelected for being ideologues.

Great. Continue your vacation in Illinois, fleebaggers.
The longer you’re gone the more likely it is that you will be recalled.


UPDATE: The Wisconsin Lt.Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch just told FOX News that the head fleebagger sent a letter to Governor Walker and the majority leader indicating that he wants to meet and negotiate. The meeting place is unknown at this time.

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