Union Thugs, Leftwing Activists & Socialist Party Members Shut Down DC Rush HourTraffic to Protest Scott Walker Fundraiser

Socialist Party members, labor thugs and leftwing activists shut down rush hour traffic yesterday in Washington DC to protest a Scott Walker fundraiser.
Shopfloor reported:

Sundry labor and leftwing activists marched through downtown Washington, D.C., this evening, blocking main streets right in the heart of the evening commute. There were a few hand-drawn signs expressing solidarity with union employees in Wisconsin, many professional signs from the Amalgamated Transit Union, and some posters from the Socialist Workers Party…

…How does making it difficult for people to get home build sympathy for organized labor?

The Washington Examiner had more on the protest:

What appear to be more than 1,000 pro-union protesters from around the Washington region have converged on 601 13th St. NW, trapping inside attendees of a Wisconsin Republican Party fundraiser.

Public-sector unions have angrily objected to the bill signed this week by Gov. Scott Walker, who last week signed a bill stripping Wisconsin workers of some benefits and their collective bargaining rights. The fundraising event for Wisconsin Republicans is being hosted by lobbying firm BRG Group, according to the National Journal.

Photos and videos popping up on Facebook and in the Twittersphere show protesters carrying signs emblazoned with anti-Walker slogans: “Stop the War on Workers,” “Respect Worker Rights,” “Solidarity.

Marxist co-founder of Code Pink Medea Benjamin took part in the protest. (Dane 101)

Of course, the state-run media did not report that there were Socialist Party members at the protest.


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