Top Democrat & Former DC Mayor Supports Governor Scott Walker in Union Battle

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Former D.C. Mayor and Democrat Adrian M. Fenty told ‘Morning Joe’ panelists that he agreed with what Governor Scott Walker was wanting to accomplish in Wisconsin.
The Washington Post blog reported:

“This is kind of what I faced in four years as mayor,” Fenty told hosts Mike Barnicle and Mika Brzezinski. “He’s right on the substance, I think. I tend to agree with him on the need for collective bargaining reform. But he’s also right on the politics. I just don’t understand why the legislature has been given this pass to go to another state and not do what they were sworn to do, and that’s to take a vote. Unfortunately for Gov. Walker, he hasn’t been able to get that out. He needs to point the finger a little bit more at them and say. ‘Listen, they should take a vote. All I want is for them to vote up or down, and I will be fine with whatever they decide.'”

Brzezinski asked Fenty if he agreed with what Walker is doing.

“The substance of it, I do,” Fenty said. “Most governors and mayors would love to be able to manage their team without the interference of collective bargaining. … I believe that managers have the ability to set fair wages, and to set fair hours, and to reward people or hold them accountable. I think it’s a new day. I think a lot of these collective bargaining agreements are completely outdated.”

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