Suddenly, It’s Not OK to Call a Commie-Truther-Cop-Killer-Supporter a Commie-Truther-Cop-Killer-Supporter

Andrew Breitbart got caught in another dust-up with a far left nut this week.
Yes, I know… Nothing new there.

But, apparently Andrew struck a nerve when he went after Commie-Truther-Cop-Killer-supporter Van Jones at the Daily Caller. It was enough to get him banned from Huffington Post – Not because it was untrue, but because Van Jones did not like to be called out for his past actions.

As Morgen Richmond noted later in the day, Andrew could have said worse things about Van Jones.

You see thanks to the incompetence – or outright bias – of the mainstream media, Jones has never been held accountable for his role in producing and distributing one of the most vile pieces of anti-war, anti-American propaganda produced in the last decade. An album called WarTimes: Report from the Opposition which was narrated by none other than COP-KILLING Mumia Abu-Jamal. In case you missed this when it was first reported here on this blog, here are some snippets:

It’s already indisputable that Van Jones was behind this effort, but take a closer listen to this track. Jump ahead to about the 2:00 mark: is it just me or does that sounds like Van Jones himself rapping “f*ck the government…”?

United We Stand – Red Guard

There were (are) a lot of people who disagreed with the decision to go to war with Iraq, but this is far cry from accusing your own country of being the “true terrorists”, a “crack fiend for oil”, and the unforgivable as far as I’m concerned:

“f*ck the government they never done sh*t for me, for my people their defeat is a victory…”

This is as despicable as it gets, treasonous even. And while I’m not sure whether that is Jones himself singing this, he produced and promoted this album.

But don’t call out any leftist and former top Obama czar on their radical actions.
They will viciously attack you and try to silence you.
They don’t like the truth much.

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