STRONG SUPPORT For WI Governor Scott Walker in Latest Poll

The New York AFL-CIO unions bussed in reinforcements to Madison for their battle against Scott Walker.
But, in the end Walker won.

Hallis Mailen sleeps on Sunday in the rotunda of the Wisconsin Capitol as a round-the-clock protest continues over the proposed budget and bargaining rights. (Post-Gazette)

66% , or two of every three, swing voters support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) in the latest national poll conducted by the Free Enterprise Nation.
PR Newswire reported, via Free Republic:

The Free Enterprise Nation (FEN) today released the results of a national poll that shows strong support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker among Independent voters. The poll of voters outside of Wisconsin, taken from March 3rd to March 9th, included 500 Democrat, 500 Republican and 500 Independent voters.

FEN spokesman, Jim MacDougald stated that “This poll contradicts some of the other polls we’ve seen. According to our poll, 95% of Republicans agree with the Governor, and 92% of Democrats agree with the union. There is not much of a surprise there. But 66% of Independent voters agree with the Governor, and this group is what swings most elections.”

The support for the Governor’s position was even stronger when the question specifically addressed his plan to require teachers to pay 5.8% of their salary toward their pension and 12.6% of their health insurance costs, with 71% of all respondents saying that measure was fair.

When asked if it is good public policy to allow public sector workers to retire at age 55 or earlier, 61% of all voters said “no”, and they were evenly divided when asked if public sector employees should be allowed to unionize with 48% against, 48% for, and 4% undecided.

So much for that “Waterloo” moment democrats were hoping for.

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