Sorry Rep. Ellison… 80% of All Terrorism Convictions Since 9-11 Involved Radical Islamists

Yesterday Rep Keith Ellison (D-MN) the first Muslim elected to Congress, choked up while offering a stirring defense of Muslim Americans during a US House hearing on radicalization within the Islamic community.

We all ready know Ellison’s sobbing jag about American-Muslim Mohammed Salman Hamdani who was killed on 9-11 was complete crap.

So was much of the rest of the far left democrat’s speech.
Ellison told the committee:

It is true that specific individuals, including some who are Muslims, are violent extremists. However, these are individuals – but not entire communities. Individuals like Anwar Al-Aulaqi, Faisel Shazad, and Nidal Hasan do not represent the Muslim American community. When their violent actions are associated with an entire community, then blame is assigned to a whole group. This is the very heart of stereotyping and scapegoating, which is counter-productive.

This point is at the heart of my testimony today. Ascribing the evil acts of a few individuals to an entire community is wrong; it is ineffective; and it risks making our country less secure.

Solutions to the scourge of domestic terrorism often emerge from individuals within the Muslim community—a point I address later in my testimony. However, demanding a “community response” (as the title of this hearing suggests) asserts that the entire community bears responsibility for the violent acts of individuals. Targeting the Muslim American community for the actions of a few is unjust. Actually all of us—all communities—are responsible for combating violent extremism.

Singling out one community focuses our analysis in the wrong direction.

Once again, this far left Minnesota Congressman was dead wrong.


More than 80 percent of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involved radical Islamists.
The Investigative Terrorism Project

More than 80 percent of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involve defendants driven by a radical Islamist agenda, a review of Department of Justice statistics shows.

Though Muslims represent about 1 percent of the American population, they constitute defendants in 186 of the 228 cases DOJ lists…

Al-Qaida is involved in the largest number of prosecutions, representing 30 percent of the 228 terror cases involving an identified group. Hizballah-affiliated defendants are involved in 10.5 percent of the cases and Hamas is part of 9 percent. Pakistani-based Lashkar-e-Tayyiba was involved in 6.5 percent of the cases.

The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and the Colombian FARC lead the non-Islamist terrorist groups, combining for 14 percent of the total.

Rep. Ellison should focus more on facts and less on bogus propaganda.

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