Wisconsin Republicans were forced to flee Madison, Wisconsin following a senate union vote. State Senator Glenn Grothman told Greta Van Susteren, “Madison was not safe for Republicans.”
Sadly, that’s the reality when you’re up against raging leftist mobs.

The Examiner added:

During an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record, GOP State Senator Glenn Grothman had to check in from Milwaukee because of security threats that occurred almost instantly after word of the collective bargaining-busting vote emerged. According to Grothman—who, if you’ll remember, was also victimized by the same bunch of hyper-aggressive and threatening union people in an incident where they swarmed him as he tried to enter the state Capitol building—after the Republicans voted to strip public workers of almost all collective bargaining rights, they were told to leave Madison immediately due to the angry mob of union people waiting for them!!

This is beyond outrageous now; this is something that I would expect from the savages in Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries…but in Wisconsin?!!? From so-called “civilized” people?! No way. Clearly, the Democrat-supporting union people in the state are showing the world, mortifyingly, that the feral and wild behavior by the mobs in the Middle East is a common trait with union people in Wisconsin.

The Republicans were forced to skip town in a bus.

UPDATE: Democrat staff members engineered mob’s unlawful invasion of Wisconsin Capitol Building.

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