Poor Chicago-Area School Superintendent Makes More Than IL Governor

No wonder Illinois is broke.
They pay local superintendents more than the governor.

Dr. Harry Griffith, Superintendent of Lake Forest Districts 67 and 115, makes more than the governor of Illinois.
Nancy J. Thorner reported:

Harry Griffith certainly knows how to negotiate a contract. On top of his lavish cash compensation, Griffith has a contract to receive benefits and perquisites bringing his total compensation for the 2010-11 school year to over $430,000 Griffith oversees 3,800 students in the 5 schools of Lake Forest Districts 67 and 115. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Harry Griffith’s compensation is more than the Naperville Superintendent who oversees 22 schools and 18,000 students. His compensation package is also more than the Chicago and Milwaukee school chiefs, AND the governor of Illinois!

Nancy added, “I would wager that no other superintendent in the U.S. has managed to receive as many perks added to his already generous salary or to be the recipient of such an generous retirement package.”

There’s more…
To complement Superintendent Harry Griffith’s lavish salary and compensation package, the Boards of Education for Lake Forest School District 67 and High School District 115 agreed to a pay him an ultra-lucrative retirement package. Dr. Grifith will receive $300,000 every year from the Teacher Retirement System in Illinois with guaranteed increases of 3% per year every year thereafter.
And, they wonder why the state is broke?


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