Politico Whitewashes Leftist Vulgarity & Violence – Whines About Vile Leftist Thuggery Captured on Video

The far left website Politico whined today about the hours of leftist thuggery and vulgarity that has been captured on video at far left rallies.

They blame FreedomWorks (a Koch-linked organization) and complain that tea party patriots are trained to ask such incindiary questions as, “Who are you?” “Do you want a Constitution?” and “What brought you out here today?”

Here’s a prime example of the far left harassing a gay black tea party protester at an event last week:


And, of course, the leftists at Politico continue to spew the lie that the the tea party protests were racist and violent.
They are part of the state-run media after all.
The Politico reported:

Stung by allegations of incendiary, racist and homophobic rhetoric at tea party rallies last year, conservative activists with flipcams and camera phones have circulated at the union protests sprouting up across the country in hopes of catching violent or abusive behavior by their liberal adversaries.

The resulting photos and videos have ricocheted around the conservative blogosphere in recent days, prompting mounting outrage on the right.

“Union Hate Rally in Wisconsin: Protests Rife With Hitler, Gun Targets, Death Threats,” blared a headline on Fox News’s opinion site Fox Nation over a video taken at a union rally in Madison by the state Republican Party that showed protestors’ signs including one in which crosshairs were superimposed on a photograph of Republican Gov. Scott Walker next to the words “Don’t Retreat, Reload” and others in which Walker is compared to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hosni Mubarak.

Breitbart.tv posted a video billed as “The Latest Foaming at the Mouth (Literally) Union Protester” featuring a man at a Chicago union rally with a sign reading “KKK ? GOP” ranting to the two conservatives filming him that he was “looking for a fight with the teabaggers.”

It’s no coincidence that conservative corners of the web seem inundated with videos and photos of Democrats and union supporters using offensive or violent rhetoric, and even physically engaging with tea partiers. Conservative leaders have been encouraging activists to try to record their pro-union opponents, and to use the kind of confrontational tactics that liberals say are meant to provoke.

The goals of the video offensive are two-fold: marginalizing liberals in ongoing battles, such as the raging debate over collective bargaining and government salaries, and trying to reverse a media narrative blaming heated political rhetoric from the right for poisoning the political discourse.

“The left did that effectively with the tea party movement with very little evidence of what they argued. Well, we have all the evidence in the world, so let’s go gather it, get it out there and use it,” said Brendan Steinhauser, lead organizer for the tea party group FreedomWorks.

The aggressive attempt by conservatives to use video to support their own story line about the union protests is their latest attempt to counter what they regard as a deep-seated media bias against the right, generally, and specifically against the grassroots populist tea party movement, In their view, media coverage all too often highlighted extremist sentiments on the periphery of the movement and liberal allegations that the movement’s rhetoric was violent or racist.

Heaven forbid that the right would actually capture leftist thugs on tape beating and harassing conservatives and tea partiers.
Nice peace of trash journalism, Politico.
And, you wonder why you’re considered part of the state-run media?

More… Amanda Carpenter added: “It is odd how all the tape of union, let’s say incivility, isn’t a story. The story is about the conservatives who tape it!”

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