Oops… Idiot Leftists Boycott, Threaten & Vandalize Bank – Then Discover Bank Didn’t Support Walker After All

Wisconsin leftists vandalized a local bank in Greendale on Saturday.

The leftists spraypainted “F*** you Scott Walker” and “Unions are forever” on the bank walls and windows. (FOX 6)

Wisconsin leftists are boycotting and threatening the M&I Bank. A group of leftists even vandalized a bank branch on Saturday night. The leftists told their lackeys that the bank supported Scott Walker’s campaign last year… But it’s not true.
FOX6 Now reported:

Some union leaders demanding a Milwaukee company oppose Governor Walker’s plan to eliminate collective bargaining or else. A letter signed by the leaders of seven Wisconsin unions targets M&I Bank, who says the negative attention is misdirected. They’re not the only target as Sendiks in Shorewood is also facing similar action.

Leaders of seven unions representing police, firefighters, teachers, and law enforcement signed a letter sent to M &I Bank. The letter says Governor Walker’s budget adjustment bill was really aimed at union busting, and to eviscerate public employee’s right to collectively bargain in Wisconsin.

The letter says Walker did not campaign on the issue, and if he had they are confident M&I would not be listed among Walker’s largest contributors.

The groups are giving M&I Bank until March 17th to publicly oppose Walker’s efforts. If it does, the unions will publicly celebrate the partnership to preserve rights. If the bank hasn’t responded by March 17th, the groups will publicly and formally boycott the company.

Owner of Sendik’s Grocery Store in Shorewood, Anne Finch-Nehring, doesn’t understand why people would choose to boycott her store, because of what she may or may not believe. She says, “I have no political signage at our store, and we can’t. I wouldn’t do that, because I wouldn’t want to offend or tread on other customers rights to support who ever they want to support.”

FOX6 found one customer who’s not waiting, Morgan Herum already closed her account. She said, “Following the precedent of the firefighters in Madison, I closed my account. M&I was on the list of businesses to boycott, because they’re in support of Scott Walker.”

…For its part, M&I Bank issued a statement saying the bank has not contributed to any candidate, and did not contribute to Governor Walker or Mayor Tom Barrett in the last gubernatorial election. Finch-Nehring also sees the boycott as aiming at the wrong target.

It says its employees contributed to both candidates in the last election, and they have the right to contribute to whomever they choose.

Nice work, thugs.


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