FLEEBAGGER REBELLION!… Dem Senators Met Secretly With GOP Behind Minority Leader’s Back (Video)

The Fleebaggers Are Cracking–
Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Jon Erpenbach admitted to Greta Van Susteren tonight that his fellow caucus members met secretly with the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader today behind his back.
He did not even know about the meeting until the media contacted him!

Greta Van Sustern: Did you know about the secret meeting?

Minority Leader Erpenbach: No, I was not told about the secret meeting until I was called by a reporter so obviously somebody did not want the meeting to be secret. I think a couple of senators, from what I understand, met with Scott. I don’t know what was discussed but I gotta believe we’re a little more firm in our stance now that we hear from Senator Fitzgerald that he wants us to come back and debate something that’s not negotiable.

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