MORE THUGGERY… Union Goons Threaten & Harass Conservative Kids at Ohio Rally – Try to Steal Their Phones (Video)

The union goons were back at it yesterday in Ohio…
Harassing and threatening conservative kids.

The union protesters didn’t like the cameras.

A group of conservative college kids from Freedomworks attended the rally yesterday outside the Ohio State House. The union protesters were out in force and did not like that their buddies were being taped harassing the young conservatives.

A brave young conservative woman Amanda Shell captured the episode on tape… Until the union goons took her phone from her.

Amanda, who is 5′ 1″ told me today that the guy who took her phone (the same guy in the video) was over 6 foot and 200 pounds.
Real classy, leftists.

Steve from the Westshore Tea Party sent this on the incidents:


We were in Columbus yesterday and were threatened multiple times by union thugs. Amanda Shell of Freedomworks had her cell phone violently ripped out of her hands by a union thug who started to walk off with it. She implored the Columbus cops to help her retrieve her cell phone, but they turned their backs on her. I think they need to be recognized for allowing the unions to openly accost SB-5 supporters. Amanda finally got her phone back after she threatened to call 911. He threw it at her. Several people had the same thing happen. I have personally been threatened several times and we constantly had union thugs trying to provoke us.

We presented the thank you poster to Senator Shannon Jones’s aides. They broke into tears of happiness after finally receiving letters of support. Senator Jones sponsored SB-5 and she and her staff have received constant threats of bodily harm from the unions. Senators Jones has had to have protection around the clock protection since then.

The names in red on the poster are those Senators which have been personally threatened.

Amanda said the man threatened her, “Do you want to be next?” right before he took her phone.
Don’t expect the state-run media to report this.
It doesn’t fit their agenda.

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