Mike Huckabee Goes After the Green Commie Wing of the Republican Party

Huckabee goes after the communist voters in the Republican Party.

Here’s a clue: Retweeting shoutouts from commie Van Jones will not endear you with the conservative base.
The Washington Times reported:

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee may have just gotten a wet kiss via a tweet from a controversial former Obama administration czar the former governor later re-tweeted. This will likely not help Mr. Huckabee in a 2012 presidential campaign. Commenters on a conservative forum are wondering about Mr. Huckabee now. (h/t Kristinn Taylor)

According to a local report, former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones joined Mr. Huckabee at a Student Summit in Tallahasse sponsored by Florida State and Florida A&M universities. Following the event Mr. Jones tweeted out:

@GovMikeHuckabee made me proud tonight 2B fellow person of faith + fellow patriot. We disagreed respectfully. The American way! #tcot #p2

Mr. Huckabee re-tweeted Mr. Jones’s tweet.

Here’s another clue: When Van Jones talks about “faith” it’s not necessarily a Christian faith he’s talking about.



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