Libyan Rebels to Reporter: “Now Is the Time of Jihad!”

Oh goodie.

One rebel says: “We were at Benghazi with many other volunteers. From there, we are at Ajdabiya, the center of the Jihad.”

French journalist Marc de Chalvron traveled with the Libyan rebels this past week. They were just as radical as you would expect.
The Tatler has a report:

The journalist Marc de Chalvron was in Libya ten days ago. He accompanied rebel forces as they advanced to the oil-producing town of Ras Lanuf and then were turned back by Libyan government forces. On a broadcast today on the French news channel i-Télé, de Chalvron showed footage from his trip. The footage includes interviews with rebels on the back of a pick-up truck on the road to Ras Lanuf.

More… A “former” terrorist residing in London told reporters that Al-Qaeda will take advantage of the situation.
CNN reported:

A former leader of Libyan jihadists tells CNN that al Qaeda will seek to take advantage of chaos in Libya.

“If there is a power vacuum in Libya there will be an open market for al Qaeda,” says Noman Benotman, a former commander in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and one-time ally of Osama bin Laden. The LIFG fought the Gadhafi regime in the 1990s, but formally ended its campaign to overthrow the Libyan regime two years ago, and repudiated al Qaeda. Benotman is now a senior researcher at the Quilliam Foundation in London, a counter-terrorism think tank.

Having played no role in the rebellion so far, al Qaeda and its affiliates will have to play catch-up if they do want to exploit the situation, says Benotman. Individuals who might have jihadist sympathies are keeping them under wraps for the sake of uniting with one aim: removing Gadhafi, he says. Added to which there has been a broad welcome among Libyan rebels of all stripes for U.S. and coalition airstrikes to protect the city of Benghazi.

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