Liberal News Organizations Sue Governor Scott Walker

The liberal media won’t report on the violent protesters, the hateful signs or the bomb plots but that won’t stop them from suing Governor Scott Walker for emails so that they can make up their own story.

Two liberal news organizations sued Governor Scott Walker today. The AP and Isthmus sued Walker for release of his emails. reported

Two local news organizations sued Gov. Scott Walker Friday for alleged failure to respond to their requests for e-mails that the governor claimed were overwhelmingly in favor of his controversial budget repair bill.

The lawsuit was filed in Dane County Circuit Court by Isthmus and the Associated Press, which had both filed open records requests with Walker’s office on Feb. 18 seeking to review the e-mails.

“The governor said he had gotten more than 8,000 e-mails as of Feb. 17, with ‘the majority’ urging him to ‘stay firm’ on his budget repair bill,” Isthmus News Editor Bill Lueders said. “We’re just trying to see these largely supportive responses.”

AP reporter Todd Richmond amended his request to include e-mails concerning the bill through Feb. 25.

The lawsuit alleges that the governor’s office violated the Wisconsin Open Records law by withholding the messages and delaying access to them. It seeks release of the e-mails and attorneys’ fees for filing the lawsuit.

Isthmus and the AP did not receive a response to their records requests, the lawsuit states.

But Richmond received an e-mail response late Friday, which was dated Feb. 25, from Nate Ristow, associate legal counsel for the governor, in which Ristow detailed the cost of printing out the e-mails of more than $31,250, to be paid in advance. Ristow also invited Richmond to review the records at Walker’s office for no charge.

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