LEFTIST PROTESTERS DRAGGED OUT OF WI ASSEMBLY – Try to Break Into Rep’s Offices …Update: Capitol on Lockdown

Those tolerant leftists are at it again…
Protesters are being forcibly dragged out of Assembly room by police.

Via FOX News—
Protesters have penetrated the inner assembly hallways.  Assemblymen are trapped in their offices with their doors barricaded. Protesters are trying to break into their offices.

The Wisconsin fleebaggers are still hiding out in Illinois.


MORE… John Jagler, spokesman for Jeff Fitzgerald, on phone with Fox. They are trapped in his office.  Had to literally step over protesters outside his office.  Protesters waving signs.  Go limp when police lift them for removal.  They are pounding on glass and doors, jiggling locks.   They are “vowing to hold this ground”.

Wisconsin Capitol police just announced: “Capitol building is on lock-down until it is secured”.

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