LEFTIST FREAK OUT!… Wisconsin Loons Lock Capitol Doors

Just a few hours ago they were chanting, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Then the loons started chanting, “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Now this…
Ann Althouse and husband “Meade” are reporting the latest developments at the Wisconsin Capitol Building.


Protesters are locking the Capitol doors shut from the inside using metal handcuffs, Meade reports from the scene.
He told me that just now, by phone. He got out, and is warning others not to go in. Obviously, it’s a terrible fire hazard to make it so people cannot get out of the building easily. Presumably, protesters think it’s a good idea to keep the police out, but it is dangerously stupid.

ADDED: Meade called back to say, some of the doors are handcuffed shut and some are wide open. “ANYBODY CAN GET IN AND ANYBODY CAN BRING ANYTHING IN. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY WHATEVER.”

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