It Begins… WI School President Threatens Private Business For Printing Pro-Walker T-Shirts

The back of the T-shirt says, “He’s got nads.”

This Is What Thugocracy Looks Like–
Wisconsin school Two Rivers High School President Wes Glenna, who is also chairman of the technical education department at the high school, sent out a threatening email to a local business from his school’s email account. The business has been under attack by local leftists since the incident took place.
Green Bay Press Gazette reported:

When a Two Rivers High School student wore a green T-shirt supporting Gov. Scott Walker to school in late February, it set off a dispute involving a local business and the president of the Two Rivers Education Association.

B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing in Two Rivers made the shirt for the student on request, said Bridget VanGinkel, owner of the business with her husband, David. The shirt says “Scott Walker My Hero!” on the front and “He’s Got Nads!” on the back.

On Feb. 24, VanGinkel said the business received what they perceived as a veiled threat of a boycott in an e-mail from Wes Glenna, president of the TREA and chairman of the technical education department at the high school.

Bridget VanGinkel forwarded to the Herald Times Reporter Glenna’s e-mail, sent from his school e-mail address after 10 p.m. It said:

“I was recently informed that you have plans to print pro-Walker shirts for some of the students in the Two Rivers School system. After checking out your website, I noticed that a great deal of your business comes from providing apparel to the Two Rivers, Manitowoc, and Mishicot school systems. I, really, don’t know what you’re thinking of.

“We, all, greatly appreciate the fact that you established your business in our community. However, have you taken the time to figure out how your recent decision could result in the loss of profits to your business?”

It was signed Wes Glenna, President, Two Rivers Education Association.

Glenna also sent the e-mail to all members of the teachers union in the Two Rivers district, VanGinkel said.

The store has been getting mostly negative phone calls and comments on Facebook since Glenna sent the e-mail, she said.

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” she said. “It was inappropriate. It’s not right.”

The e-mail wasn’t meant to encourage a boycott of the business, but merely questioned whether the owners thought about the consequences, Glenna said.

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Update:  Bridget VanGinkel commented:

Thank You for standing with us on this issue.
Let me clear one thing up. The email was sent at 11:57 PM from his school email address that was installed on his home computer.

He makes over 65,000 in salary and over 35,000 in Bennies.

Glenna lives so close to me I could kick a ball from my front yard to his front yard.

As far as I know there is no plans to lay him off, or fire him.

Love the comment ,”Glenna can kiss my comma” That right there is funny!

We have good insurance in case something would happen to our business.

There is a lot of talk about the word NADS, but Glenna’s email never stated anything about the use of profanity. He only stated “pro-Walker shirts” , but it is alright for kids to wear the “I Heart Boobies” bracelets without tape on them…

Thank you for purchasing a T’Shirt.. My Hero is the young Man who came in to purchase one.

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