If NPR Is Non-Biased… Why Is MoveOn.org Trying to Save Them?

If NPR is a non-biased news organization…
Why is MoveOn.org trying to save them?

Maybe NPR has suddenly decided to promote neutral non-biased news organizations?
The Boston Globe reported:

MoveOn.org, the left-wing pressure group, is promoting a petition that urges Congress to “protect NPR and PBS and guarantee them permanent funding, free from political meddling.’’ Yet political “meddling’’ is the inescapable price of taking political dollars. Conservatives would complain about NPR’s liberal tilt no matter where its funding came from, just as liberals complain about the conservative tilt of Fox News. But if NPR were no longer on the government dole, its political leanings would no longer be a congressional issue. The budget storms in Washington pose no threat to Fox because Fox doesn’t run on taxpayer money. They wouldn’t threaten NPR either — if only NPR would give up its subsidy.

The public broadcasting industry is waging an aggressive campaign to save its federal allowance, which comes to about $450 million a year. A lavish new website, 170MillionAmericans.org, claims that “more than half of all Americans use public media each month’’ and exhorts supporters to “send a message to Washington that public broadcasting matters to you.’’

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