Governor Scott Walker Delivers Wisconsin State Budget Address

Governor Scott Walker just released his Wisconsin state budget plan this afternoon.
JSOnline obtained the text of his budget address.
His budget reduces the structural deficit by 90% in Wisconsin.

Our budget holds true to these principles by balancing the $3.6 billion deficit through permanent spending reductions and innovative government reforms.

Specifically, our budget reduces all funds spending by $4.2 billion, or 6.7 percent, and decreases the structural deficit by 90 percent from $2.5 billion to $250 million – the lowest structural deficit in recent history. That’s over $2 billion we are saving from future obligations and for future generations.

That’s worth repeating. Our budget reduces the structural deficit by 90 percent. In fact, it is lower than the last eight budgets presented by democrats and republicans alike.

This ought to go over well with the big spending democrats.

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