Good Cop-Killer Supporter – Bad Cop-Killer Supporter… Van Jones Plays Huckabee

Sometimes things are not always what they seem.

I spoke with Andrew Breitbart today about a rally planned on May 1, 2011 in St. Louis. Andrew is headlining the event with Governor Mike Huckabee. Andrew shared these thoughts about the event, Van Jones, Color of Change and Mike Huckabee.

Good Cop Killer Supporter – Bad Cop Killer Supporter
Van Jones’ cynical ploy to win Mike Huckabee’s affection.

I don’t ascribe bad motives for Mike Huckabee playing footsie with Van Jones. I just want to draw attention to the fact that this radical left wing agitator has created an organization Color of Change with the sole purpose to isolate, marginalize and destroy those who have effectively exposed the Barack Obama administration’s radical agenda.

At the exact moment that Color of Change got me kicked off the Huffington Post front page he went straight to Mike Huckabee to pretend he’s a gentleman patriot.

This is the first incident in Jones’ 42 years that would suggest civility in this community organizer’s hard-core agitation repertoire. This “cop killer supporting” racist commie punk is playing Huckabee.

Van Jones’ PR ploy intent is two-fold. One, to create the perception that he is the innocent victim in the Huffington Post banning of Breitbart. Two, to help elevate the organized left’s dream Republican candidate for 2012. It’s too bad that the obviously savvy and intelligent Jones doesn’t apply his obvious gifts to actually build rather than confuse and destroy.

My cautionary tale of being banned from ABC News and the Huffington Post front page should be a sign. Perhaps Mike Huckabee is not aware of Color of Change and Van Jones’ long history of radical leftwing skullduggery. Van Jones’ Color of Change openly seeks destruction of Huckabee’s host network FOX News and many of the opinion makers who appear on the network. Mr. Huckabee’s new found “fellow person of faith and fellow patriot” is a picture book politically correct totalitarian thug. Don’t let the awesome wardrobe fool you.

I’ve met Mr. Huckabee and find him to be gracious, gregarious, inspiring and well meaning. And I look forward to appearing with him in St. Louis. But I don’t see the event on May 1st in the context of a presidential campaign. I see it in context of still the earliest phases of waking up the American people to something that is desperately wrong in Washington and beyond.

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