Gaddafi Airs Creepy “Zenga, Zenga” Happy Song About Finding & Destroying the Opposition (Video)

This cheery Pro-Gaddafi “Zenga, Zenga” song is currently playing on Libya TV.
They sing about finding the opposition where ever they are hiding.

That’s creepy.

Paul Wolfowitz reported, via The Corner:

It appears that Libyan State Television is dependent on four international satellite providers (ArabSat, EutelSat, AsiaSat, and, especially, NileSat) to carry Muammar Gaddafi’s three state TV channels—particularly the Jamahiriya satellite channel, which has reportedly been used to transmit coded messages to Gaddafi’s mercenaries and security forces.

That includes all of “the Leader’s” threatening broadcasts, as well as those of Dr. Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi. It also includes the official state television version of Gaddafi’s latest hit song, “Zenga, Zenga,” which includes hired demonstrators repeating Gaddafi’s rant about searching out and destroying his enemies, “alley by alley, house by house, room by room,” to the tune of cheerful music and the waving of flags.

In a Sky News interview today with Adam Boulton, I suggested jamming Gaddafi’s broadcasts, but it might be much easier (and not require use of any special assets) to simply get NileSat and the others to turn him off.


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