Figures. Leftie Tractor Driver at WI Protest Had No License – But Plenty of Drunk Driving Arrests

This is what democracy looks like…

Protesters flood the streets around the Capitol on Saturday. The man driving the tractor identified himself as Tod Pulvermacher. Online court records show that a Tod Pulvermacher has been convicted of drunken driving and has no valid driver’s license. (Photo/Michael Sears)

Figures. The leftie tractor driver at the Wisconsin protest last weekend was driving without a license.
My FOX Houston reported:

A Wisconsin man who drove a tractor around the state’s Capitol during weekend protests of Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill” could be facing legal trouble Wednesday after it was revealed that he does not have a driver’s license.

Tod Pulvermacher lost his license after he was busted four times for drunk driving, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. His final conviction, on July 2, resulted in the suspension of Pulvermacher’s driver’s license for 33 months, the report said.

During Saturday’s protest at the state Capitol in Madison, Pulvermacher pulled a manure spreader with a sign reading “WALKERS BILL BELONGS HERE,” behind it, a reference to the passage of the so-called “budget repair bill” that stripped the state’s public employees of most of their collective bargaining powers.

Although he was met with cheers from the crowd gathered at the Capitol, it is illegal to operate a tractor in the state without a license, the report said.

At least he didn’t spread his manure on any lefties.

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