Far Left Protester Arrested For Bomb Threat Against Governor Scott Walker… And It’s TOTALLY IGNORED By State-Run Media (Video)

When a Bomb Threat Against a Governor Is Not a Story–

On Wednesday a bomb threat was made at an aviation business in Eau Claire, Wisconsin just hours after Governor Scott Walker spoke there. Police later arrested far left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire for the crime. Knauf was arrested for the violation of making a bomb scare under state statute 947.015.  Knauf also told authorities that he had protested against the governor that day at the aviation business.

He was released on a $3,000 signature bond.

Governor Scott Walker is the most talked about governor in the nation today. But, if you thought the state-run media would report on this major threat against the Republican governor or his supporters you would be wrong—
Not one single national news organization reported on the story.


Local station WQOW was one of the few media outlets to report on the bomb threat.

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