Far Left Nut Who Threatened to Kill Blogger Althouse Says Reports of Thuggery Are Over-Blown

Another Day – Another Leftist Death Threat
Blogger Ann Althouse and her husband received a death threat yesterday for their unbiased reporting of the thuggery, vandalism and violence at the Madison protests.

Robert Stacy McCain revealed the identity of the leftist cyber-stalker last night. The Underground Conservative found this:

Thug cyber-stalker Jim Shankman and his girlfriend Anna Louise Ogden-Nussbaum. Shankman lives in a commune.

Today Dan Riehl posted his interview with Jim Shankman at Big Governement. Dan called the thug last night.
Here’s a snippet. The dude is nuts.

Along with Shankman claiming to have felt, or actually been threatened via multiple blog comments on conservative blogs over the years, Shankman said he believes Althouse wields her blog as a “bully pulpit,” telling only one side of the story intentionally designed to portray his friends and associates unfairly. He also believes Fox has been instrumental in elevating Althouse’s reporting, thought not always with attribution. “I see these stories on her blog, first, ” said Shankman, then later he sees them on Fox News, claimed Shankman.

Shankman believes reports of thuggery and other misbehavior by Leftist protesters in Wisconsin are “all over-blown.” He was most particularly offended by the notion that protesters didn’t clean up after themselves and that Tea Party-aligned individuals purportedly removed a “Solidarity” T-shirt from a capitol statue of Hans Christian Heg (video of Heg with shirt here).

Read the whole thing. Where do these violent crackpots come from anyway?

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