Donald Trump: Michael Moore “Sounds More Like a Communist Than a Liberal”

No kidding.
Michael Moore led the Wisconsin protesters yesterday at the state capitol building. The anti-American communist urged the far left to start a national revolt against the evil rich…
Sort of like Fidel Castro did a few years back in Cuba.

Donald Trump said Michael Moore sounded more like a communist than a liberal before he hit the stage in Madison.
The Daily Mail reported:

A multi-millionaire liberal film-maker has compared the Wisconsin protests to Egypt’s revolt and told residents they are galvanising America against the wealthy elite.

Michael Moore, 56, urged protesters this weekend to fight Republican efforts to trim trade union powers and said to thousands of them: ‘Madison is only the beginning’.

His speech comes after he was criticised by business magnate Donald Trump, who said his views make him sound more like a ‘communist’ than a liberal.

Donald Trump compared his comments about a ‘criminal class of millionaires and billionaires stealing homes and jobs’ last week to the views of Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

‘This is beyond liberal, this is, I guess you have to use the C-word, which is the communist word,’
he told Fox News last Thursday.

‘This is like in other words: “Everybody’s cash is everybody’s cash”. It’s sort of interesting. Castro in the good old days used to say the exact same thing, right?

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