Despite His Promise – Obama Stands By as Libyan Opposition Begs For Assistance

Just words.
In his press conference last Friday, Obama said the U.S. would intervene in Libya to aid defenseless civilians.

Gaddafi’s jets and tanks have pounded the opposition all week. The regime has been slaughtering defenseless civilians for weeks now… and decades before that.

On Monday Gaddafi forces continued to bomb the opposition.

Military forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi cranked up military and psychological pressure on the rebels Monday, offering amnesty to those who surrendered their weapons while bombing a strategic linchpin in the east and invading a rebel-held town in the west.

Government warplanes launched strikes against Ajdabiya, a town on the doorstep of the opposition capital, Benghazi, and almost abreast of a highway crucial to recapturing the eastern border and encircling the rebels.

Residents of Zawarah, near the Tunisian border in the west, said the pro-Gadhafi forces that surrounded them three days ago had taken control of the isolated city, Reuters reported. “Zawarah is in their hands now,” said one resident, Tarek Abdallah.

But Obama was too busy to notice. He had to fill out his NCAA brackets.

As Bill Kristol said on Sunday, “How Can You Say ‘Gaddafi Must Go’ and Sit Back And Do Nothing?”
Good question.

By the way… A majority of Americans want to help the Libyan opposition.

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